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Why is violence associated with Religion

22 Feb

Religious book such as The Quran, The Bible, The Torah and more all talk about the beauty of life, love, sins (things to avoid vs. the right things to do) and love.








So why is violence always triggered by religion?

There are so many things that these religions have in common but for some reason human beings tend to look at the differences. 

We separate ourselves by forming groups and label ourselves with the religion that we follow.

No holy book tell us to do that.

People wear symbols, veils, necklaces and other forms of religious signs to clearly represent to others what group you are from. Religion isn’t about telling people what you believe in, it’s about you connection with God.

People pray like it’s a chore or duty to do yet it’s not. God doesn’t force…praying is for you. It is a peaceful and quite form of meditation. It is the appreciation of life and gathering of people together.

Religion encourages people to educate their selves yet we see so many countries where girls (maybe boys) aren’t allowed to get an education or work.

Religion encourages people to be open-minded and considerate of others…

Once when I was young I was sitting with my mom in the kitchen in a hot, summer afternoon (this is when we were in Syria…) and I looked up and told my mom, “Christians are bad people” she seemed so disappointed in me when she said, “That doesn’t make you a Muslim.”

So by taking another religions value I was actually taking my religions value instead. Because that is not what is Islam is about. The Quran doesn’t talk about any religion in that manner, so why do we do this? And that’s the message my mom was trying to send me.

It occurred to me that Religion never intended to separate us and make us hate on each other..the opposite actually, Gods waiting for us to agree and unite. I’m ready…my friends and I (yes there is hope, I am not the only one) talk about the similarities of our religion and we have never ended the conversation with a disagreement…

if a couple of teenage girls can do it…eventually the whole world will be able to…and that’s one step closer to a Beautiful and Exquisite world.

I can’t wait 🙂