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Guns hurt, but Hate destroys us the most

16 Mar

We wonder why people are violent. We wonder why people can’t solve things peacefully.









The simple answer is because people are hurt.

When you commit violence on a person you are purposely giving them pain. So what, a couple of wounds, right?








Pain hurts. In fact, painful memories are the most vivid…

But for me…that’s not what I’m scared of. I’m fine with pain if it’s for justice. What I don’t want to see is someone inflicting pain on someone special to me…

Imagine someone aiming a trigger at you’re mom…or dad or brother or your sister… Can you handle that? Would you still want to negotiate peace with that solider?









Do you see the difference?








Bullets that shoot into the hearts of beloved people are permanent and reside with us.

The last thing we want to see is this…











or this.








Violence gives people the OK to act violently back…this is what hurts us, this is what separates us. And that is why people should think more than twice before they intentionally hurt someone.